Food Safety

Food Safety is paramount at Peer Foods Group. Our manufacturing plants are SQF level III certified, the highest rating available in the industry. In addition to our SQF rating, we have a company-wide HACCP program in conjunction with our onsite USDA inspection program. Our standard operating procedures leverage industry leading practices into our production procedures to ensure the integrity of our products. We send our products to USDA-certified labs to conduct third-party food safety analyses regularly. Our triple-assurance food safety program ensures that our partners and customers are getting the very best in food safety practices.

Processing Strengths

 We have a history of experience with gourmet, hand crafted foods, which we incorporate into our modern manufacturing processes.  Key capabilities include:
  • Natural smoking and roasting
  • Continuous water bath cooking
  • Steam cooking
  • Curing methods (including immersion and injection)
  • Cutting technology for customized slicing and dicing
  • Packaging for retail and food service
  • Capability to process pork, chicken, beef, and turkey proteins



 As an added benefit, our production facilities are located in central Indiana, just off of major US interstates I-70 and I-65. To maximize shipping convenience and reduce shipping costs, all products ship out of one distribution location near I-70 in Indianapolis, IN.


product innovation and customization

We are an innovative custom manufacturer that can go from idea conception to product delivery rapidly to meet our food service and retail customer needs. We have experience throughout the product development lifecycle, from product conception to adapting pre-existing recipes or products into our facility. Under contracts, we are also willing to make capital investment, where justified, to fulfill manufacturing requirements.  Finally, we have the ability to grow with our customers over time as volume increases.

Research and Development

Our Research and Development team brings a mix of food science, chemistry, meat processing, and food safety experience as they work with our customers to develop high quality products. In addition, when needed, we utilize some of the industry’s leading meat science universities to tap into their expertise.