Food Safety

Food Safety is paramount at Peer Foods/ Mariah Foods. Our manufacturing plants are SQF certified at the highest level III rating available in the industry. In addition to our SQF rating, we have an excellent HACCP program in conjunction with our USDA, on site, inspection program. Our standard operating procedures ensure continued best practices production procedures to ensure the integrity of our products. In addition, we send out products to USDA certified labs to conduct third party food safety analyses on a regular scheduled program. Our food safety program is a triple assurance program to help assure our customers and the public are getting the very best in food safety practices.

Processing Strengths

Peer Foods/Mariah Foods is a state of the art manufacture specializing in natural smoking and roasting capabilities with a tradition of excellence. We have the unique capability to process pork, chicken, beef, and Turkey proteins all in the same operation. This helps our customers consolidate their production needs to one company that can ship everything out of one shipping facility centrally located in Indianapolis IN.

Peer Foods Capabilities and Directions


New product innovation and custom Manufacturing

Peer Foods is an Innovative Custom Manufacturer who can go from idea conception to product being delivered in industry leading time. We have a robust team that is set up in a flat structure, which allows for easy communication and quick answers from our team members to our customers.

1 – Can go from Idea Conception to Product Delivery quicker than anyone in the industry
2 – History of experience with gourmet, hand crafted foods, which we incorporate into our modern manufacturing facility to achieve that same old hand crafted taste at cost competitive prices
3 – We have experience all along the spectrum of new products from product conception and creation on one end to a customer bringing us their pre-existing recipe or product and fully integrating it into our facility on the other
4 – Want to provide exactly what the customer is looking for. Our plant is set up so that we can provide the product exactly our customers expectations, not so that we can run our plant


Our Research and Development

Our Research and Development new products team, made up of Patrick O’Connell, James Wiltsey, Pedro Munoz, Alena McCarron and Tom Sutton are working with companies continuously creating quality products. These new products offer great taste and great convenience at very competitive costs. Our team is trained in several areas including chemistry, biology, and food science. In addition, when needed, we reach out to and utilize some of the industry’s leading meat science universities to tap into their expertise.
Under contracts, we are also willing to make capital investment, where justified, and needed to fulfill manufacturing requirements.


As an added benefit, Peer Foods manufacturing plants are located in central Indiana, just off of major US interstates I-70 and I-65. To maximize shipping convenience and reduce shipping costs, all manufactured products ship out of one distribution center located just off of I 70 in Indianapolis IN.